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Circular Economy - what lies behind it?

Endlich zirkuläre Produkte

Sei auch dabei und starte jetzt die zirkuläre Revolution mit uns!

outdoor equipment

Streamlined Procurement and Storage

We take care of everything - from start to finish. Our products are equipped with innovative tracking, allowing us to always stay informed about the product's condition. This enables us to take targeted actions and provide a more efficient service.

Fast and Professional Repairs

Our main focus is on optimizing repairs. By using high-quality materials in the refurbishment process, we are able to extend the lifespan of products.

Digitalization and Customer Experience

We strongly believe that providing customers with an intuitive experience can inspire them to embrace and discover the value of using more circular products for themselves and the environment. Additionally, brands have the opportunity to contribute to a world in harmony with nature by offering their products through our platform.

"In addition to the functional benefits, we recognize numerous sustainable reasons to rent outdoor equipment."


"The concept is excellent, but the execution proves to be complex, which is why we have decided to outsource the process."

Der Aussteiger 

"We primarily rented camping gear and noticed a great deal of interest right from the start."

Bergans of Norway

Join us and start the circular revolution now!